Canyon and the waterfall

The waterfall at Papkuilsfontein, for the use of our private guests only, is situated on the edge of an impressive 180m canyon on the farm. Gazing into the canyon from the look-out point, you can see how eroding forces have carved out this fall, (and continue to do so) and here you can experience the greatness of nature. The waterfall only runs in winter, as we are in a winter rainfall area, or after good summer rains. Enjoy a sundowner at the canyon edge in summer and watch the setting sun intensify the ochre colour of the rocks. The canyon is a two hour walk from the cottages or you can also drive down to the canyon.

Stunning place to stay. A rustic silence to heal the soul. Take a walk to the canyon. It’s absolutely unbelievable. And you’ll probably be the only ones there. Greg Andrews
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