MTB & trails

For the more energetic there are extensive mountain bike trails – and bikes for hire, and wonderful walking opportunities to the dramatic canyon and surrounds. There is a jeep track to the canyon and a sun downer at the canyon is particularly recommended. Detailed maps of the farm and trails and reference works on flora and fauna are provided in the cottage.


A circular hiking trail of 12km has been laid out, with the turning point at the waterfall, through lovely sandstone rock formations and fynbos, the Bokkeveldsberg being the northern extremity of the Cederberg. Have your hiker's lunch in solitude while gazing down the incredible gorge.


In spring, enjoy the world-renowned flowers in this Serengeti of the floral kingdom (This area is known as ''the Bulb Capital of the World'' because it has the highest speciation of indigenous bulbous flowers on Earth).

Canyon and the waterfall

The waterfall only runs in winter, as we are in a winter rainfall area, or after good summer rains. Enjoy a sundowner at the canyon edge in summer and watch the setting sun intensify the ochre colour of the rocks. The canyon is a two hour walk from the cottages or you can also drive down to the canyon.

Fauna & Reptiles

An interesting spectrum of animals may be seen, from the Small Elephant Shrew to the endangered and red Data Cape Clawless otter, African Wild Cat, Aardvark, Porcupine, Klipspringer, Steenbok, Duiker, Baboon, and Caracal.


An estimated 220 million year ago, at the time when dinosaurs roamed the earth, mountain formation in the Cape Fold Belt came to an end. What followed was a spectacle on a scale nowadays, is nowhere to be found on earth.

San Rock Art

At Papkuilsfontein we take special care to ensure the longevity of our sites. We invite visitors to share in the cultural richness of this precious cultural heritage, as we explore together the artistry of the San who left of this legacy.

(Exclusive to a booked farm tour)


Papkuilsfontein is truly a birder's paradise and 145 species can be encountered at various times throughout the year on Papkuilsfontein. A check list in the cottages on the farm will support you.

Working Farm

Papkuilsfontein farm has a range of activities on the farm, from small stock farming and tea production, to eco-tourism. Some of the sustainable initiatives include matching stock numbers to grazing capacity, farming dryland crops and lambing under supervision to reduce livestock losses to predation. The development of mountain bike and trail running routes on the farm will further increase the tourism offering, and serves as a sustainable land use activity. By having more than one income generating activity on the farm it reduces risks during times of drought.

Farm Tour

As a service to our guests, Papkuilsfontein now provides small personalized tours, which are designed to enhance their experience of this area. Willem van Wyk will be your host for approximately 2.5 hours which includes rock art, the canyon, waterfall and its geology, birds, the diversity of veld types, farming and conservation, and of course flowers in season.

Rock Pool

After a hot day, cool down in the natural rock pool.


The Southern Hemisphere offers some unique objects not visible from the Northern Hemisphere such as the two closest visible galaxies to our own Milky Way, namely the Large and the Small Magellanic Cloud. The mariner Ferdinand Magellan first described these as two clouds that rose higher above the horizon each night as he sailed further south.

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